Images of boredomresearchs' artwork 'Lost Calls of Cloud Mountain Whirligigs'.

In 'Lost Calls of Cloud Mountain Whirligigs' you look into a world that seems out of reach – cables and lighting rigs run high above a mountain range with mysterious flying machines swishing their tails and spinning their propellers.
In this work boredomresearch continue to explore extended time frames but also pursue stillness and a gradual shifting state.

The environment runs in real-time, shifting slowly from periods of brightness to darkness. The different groups of flying machines called Whirligigs have a biological and mechanical appearance. Occasionally, they call out their unique song, seeming restless in their abandoned world. When darkness falls the Whirligigs’ pulsing lights and glowing smoke calls are electrified. Each Whirligig group has a certain lifespan and when this ends a new generation is created, with unique calls, propellers and nose cones patterns. They all have an energy level and when this drops they try and perch on a wire to rest and recharge, slipping gradually into hibernation.
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