Black Saturday
One year on In memory of those taken by the Black Saturday fires, 2009FEB07 and those still with us who bear the scars.

For the big picture start here.

I've created a collection to cover Black Saturday. You can view it here.

I've created this page for people I know following or interested what's happening on the ground at Kinglake & Kinglake West and surrounding areas. Here is a small selection of images/stories from Black Saturday. If you want to view more, try latest or bushfire news (media news or stories I've collected) or the post-fire cleanup.

Since 2009FEB07 I've been collecting both reports from Dad on the ground and compiling news in the form of online articles, newspaper clippings and maps. It is the intention to add this info to a map to create an easier understanding of what happened.

Until then, start here for:

- latest from Kinglake / Kinglake West

- bushfire news reported

- kinglake area

- kinglake west area

- strathewen area

- Eltham -> Kinglake West

- map (yet todo)

Each photo has a short bit of information on the current situation at the time. Run your mouse over the images to see the date recorded.

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