Black Saturday: 2009FEB07
70Km from Kinglake West (where my Dad lives) the shots are taken at Wonga Park. Got a call from my sister at 1720hrs that Dads place was under fire ember attack and they are trapped. At 2000 got another call through 2 sheds are gone. So far the Kinglake area is in a lot of strife, 11 O'Clock position, image above.

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I've created a summary page a quick summary of Black Saturday.

Since 2009FEB07 I've been collecting both reports from Dad on the ground and compiling news in the form of online articles, newspaper clippings and maps. It is the intention to add this info to a map to create an easier understanding of what happened on Black Saturday.

The first 100 days: Looking for simple solutions to complex problems. Why the land management practices have to change.

Shoot the moment: The golden rule I follow is if you see a shot, take it. Take it even if you are running late. Well I was running late. I had a fixed PUP. I was 65Km away and I had just on an hour. The following previous shots are taken on the side of the road going back from Kinglake West.

The Big Picture:
I was catching up quickly on the newspapers this morning waiting for my system to rebuild and stumbled on this article, Bushfire Victims warned to beware of recover hazards by Karen Kissane of The Age Newspaper (2009MAY02).

More fire reduction burn-offs yesterday.

Added Fire Ops and posted Getting things done with nothing

Burn-off on the hill out my kitchen window.

Got a phone call from the Old man a few days back. Odd. Odd because as a rule in my family are not especially clingy ... continued

Visited Dad at Kinglake West.

Quick spin up to Arthurs Creek to take some shots of Kinglake, Strathewen area. Dad calls today... Life Goes on

Went to KG to take some shots of Run into Chris who had a flat.

Kangaroo Last Saturday I attended Trampoline to talk. I chose a topic close to home: How we organised a rapid response to supply essentials for my Dad. But I've found out just today in doing that talk, I missed the service of a couple of people I really liked ...

Moose and Goons: The shot(s) you see here are along the Bowden Spur Rd moving from North East from Strathewen. They are historical and taken 2006SEP17 on a hike I took past "Hilltop" and Frasers Rd just out of Strathewen and mainly for people I've met handed out some moo cards so they can gain some sense of what happened on Black Saturday.

Getting in contact & responding to Trampoline folks on twitter.

Did a talk at Trampoline yesterday, Kick starting volunteers: Getting stuff done with nothing. I changed the title slightly to fit the theme more succinctly. The draft talk can be found here. I'll polish it up and post to Seldomlogical asap. I'm also uploading pics & vids of trampoline (2Gb) approx 240 images as soon as I get the chance. You will be able to find them here.

Widow makers, sudden death and draft for Trampoline. Getting stuff done with nothing.

Spotted a brand spanking new Kinglake CFA tanker.

Went for flying early morning visit to see Dad @ work.

Updated Bushfire News with more press articles that are starting to focus more on recover. Thoughts on the growing crisis with asbestos recovery and government blundering on its removal.

Steve Fleming my High School Physics teacher sent in pictures of the first epicormic shoots from gums and comments on the blackened landscape in Kinglake. Ross Noble describes the aftermath in St. Andrews.

Water, Frank the tank. Updated Bushfire news with more articles from the papers, TV referenced on the web. Added some more pictures from Dads

Doing the dishes The trees in this shot are 20-30m tall. Note the leaves on all the tree are burnt. This means the flames are as tall as the trees. The house is about the same distance from the trees.

Sent an extreme fire weather SMS by VicPolice and news of the day is Fire victims' relief crisis forcing changes to be made in food/water delivery.

Been busy & not posting. Here's the summaries:
- Shipping containers as firebunkers?

- Insurance companies grab for money

- authorities windback resouces so locals resort to break-ins for basics

- Nixon releases press report saying everything ok

Found some video footage on youtube of survivors escaping from Strathewen to Kinglake via Bowden Spur Road.
Added Extreme Fire weather set to explain why this Fridays weather is a high fire danger.

Added 2009 Fire news to record how fire information is being collected for future reading.

ABC 774 news talking to DSE/CFA fire incident controller (Kevin) and fires in Upway area now under control and downgraded.

Upway fire in progress.

"... Urgent Threat Message - Nixon Road Fire Upwey 3.50 pm ..." Here we go. This time it's a bit closer to home. The fire is situated at Melways Map reference 83 J2 in Upway. Whenever you have Melways reference it's most likely in the Metro area.

Fire map of affected areas to 2009FEB21 with flickr photo coverage overlayed

Three signs of life ... Phoning Dad yesterday he mentioned some of the things that survived the immediate fire.

It's not just me Continued vehicle stoppages in Flowerdale.

BlackSaturday +day11 SITREP Service, shutz update, water power, odds & sods

Michael Winton Died in tragic circumstances on Black Saturday, 7th, February, 2009 trying to rescue his mum. Rest In Peace.

Small world Come to the realisation that I'm probably not going to get up to Dads easily or at least until the restrictions are lifted.

Inflexible response by authorities Hi Steve, your comments here are pretty on the mark ....

Belgrave incident this afternoon/tonight

stuff I'm working on ... The base priority is water. To have a permanent supply is good. At the moment there is no bulk supply apart from the fact Frank is 2/3 63K Lt of water (plastic liner burnt to waterline) ...

It's a marathon, now the sprint is over - for some

Confirmed found
THOMPSON Bob, Kinglakewest,
FLEMING S, & Family, Kinglakewest,

Practical steps searching for missing people a set of hacks Im using to find people I know & dont know in Kinglake West area.

Black Saturday +day5 SITREP water, fuel and logistics updated this page. Have now organised about 2000L of permanant water storage and 1000L carrying capacity. Objective of water & sanitation is being covered. Building of shed is next objective.

Updated The Age newspaper yoursay with details on Dad. Some other people I know are missing.

BRADBURY, Arthurs Creek
FLEMMING S, & Family, Kinglake
JARVIE R, J, Kinglake
KERR, P, J St Andrews

Govt under fire for 'appalling' stimulus fire link
Asking questions about Centrelink & signature SNAFU.

Priorities for next OP.
- water storage
- fuel
- Insurance assessment
- plumbing
- power
- clearing & digging
- security (widow makers: burning, falling trees)

- LUKE/DAVIS, St. Andrews, house down, confirmed
- HARVEY, Kinglake East, house down, confirmed

FLEMMING S, & Family, Kinglake
JARVIE R, J, Kinglake

AVOLA P, Strathewen confirmed
WINTON I, Strathewen confirmed
WINTON M, Strathewen confirmed

Added current news articles for archival purposes from The Age, The Australian and ABC News.

Brother, sister and Brother in-law are currently visiting Dad at home. The night before they organised both generator, fuel and supplies - don't ask how - before the authorities.

Kinglake residents forced Premier to allow close family up to the scene.

- confirmed LUKE/DAVIS, St. Andrews, house down but safe.
- confirmed HARVEY, Kinglake East,
house down but safe.

AVOLA P, Strathewen confirmed
WINTON I, Strathewen (unconfirmed)
WINTON M, Strathewen (unconfirmed)

Good mate Christopher Harvey reports on house #kinglake #kinglakewest Kinglake West is in the direction of this image.

Sitrep: Phone call from sister called back from Dads

- power on
- telephone on (mobile phone)
- requesting generator, diesel (we are organising this)
- requesting fridge, tv (we are organising this)
- distressed, told not to leave area, crime scene
- cannot get stuff up there for quite a while

Todo lists
- tanks fixed
- get water from tanks (bore???)

- confirmed StAndrews, LUKE, house down but safe.

- Request any information on resident from Strathewen resident WINTON I. please email me.

Before the fires back in 2006SEP17 I hiked up and around the Bowden Spur Rd which cuts through the Kinglake area up from Hurstrbridge, Arthurs Creek and Strathewen. The shots here are before the fire came through... telecommunications Infrastructure being restored.

Added warnings to the Sentinal hotspot images ...


Check this ABC News page for Kinglake audio reports & images.

Colin Wilson has pics fm #kinglake region I can recognise a few #bushfires

Found a flickr set by Sue Hickton who has shots of Kinglake West, Coombes rd not far from where Dads house is.

At 2010 confirmed with brother Old man C.N Renshaw survived bushfire in Kinglake West. Details:

- called for 30sec on CFA Satphone
- house intact
- no vegetation
- 3 x sheds gone
- 1 x shipping container gone
- no power
- staying put.

Not much news, but the right kind.

- no callback from Dad yet, coms down
- brother in Whittelsea CCS (casulty clearance station) waiting for contact
- calls that friends of family lost +1 house in Kinglake area.

Just got back on the horn with sister and got the following information:

- not injured
- putting out spot fires
- house is intact
- mobile phone is flattening, no power
- power is down
- access to vehicles
- no water (power down) except
2 x 10,000 open water tanks
- 13 houses (unconfirmed) burnt in local 150Hectare area
- next door neighbour available to help
- brother & sisters bloke not let through to fire. blocked at all back roads.

House saved suspected due to green plants around house. So looks like they might live, house survived and currently exhausted.

Around 26 years ago... it was Ash Wednesday
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