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    What is your recommended beginner's hacker training course?

    '... What is the fastest way to learn "hacking" to a reasonable level such that you can apply for YC? ...'

    How smart are you? How hard are you willing to learn? Try reading 'How To Become A Hacker' by Eric Raymond for a start ~ www.catb.org/~esr/faqs/hacker-howto.html

    There are others but this is a good start.

    This image just made the science Wired Japan, ABC Conjecture (21世紀数学史上最大の偉業!?:「ABC予想」を日本の数学者が証明).

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    1. vruba ages ago | reply

      Whose handwriting is that and where did they learn? The one-stroke “b” in particular is really rare these days.

    2. bootload ages ago | reply

      Hi vruba, sorry for the slowness of response. I'm in the process of rolling out my blog engine and it's not integrated with flickr (yet) so there's a bit of double handling resulting in slow updates.

      Now the handwriting is from an English educated teacher circa 1960's so it's reflective of that particular era. Nice and neat.

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