• boomer with large clunky phone, peace symbol shirt, tie & brief case.
  • gen-y smug, fully up to date headgear, com, email, connected 24/7, slightly unfit & the question I want to know is, are they capable of getting out of the box?
  • gen-x Neek! who is not going to be defined by stereotypes...

Neek! #7

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Generational Warfare ....

I invented the box...

I can redefine it ...
I can move around it ...
think outside it ...
but have no time or ...
energy to get
out of

I like to KICK the box ...

Peter Renshaw on 2006AUG29 goonmail@netspace.net.au, using (cc attribution non-commercial), creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/2.0/au/

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  1. bootload 105 months ago | reply


    So what is this about? Literally you have to understand that GEN-Y are the progeny of Boomers (Baby Boomers). With that known, GEN-Y is the sheltered child of Boomers with much of the opportunities but without the life experience and the target of marketers who label them the Echo boomers... easy meat for recessions. The little fellow on the right is GEN-X. Much maligned, grumpy and often misunderstood.

    So the joke goes the Box (circumstances) you find yourselves in is a product of luck, the generation you are born too. Not much you can do about it. It's how you deal with it that makes the difference.

    [rattle on more about this and its effect on technology, psychology and how it impacts software]

  2. bootload 105 months ago | reply


    RGB colour pattern for the image. A bigger pattern is emerging. Can you spot it?

  3. bootload 105 months ago | reply


    Chiology is first to add as favourite :)

  4. ianclaire5 105 months ago | reply

    cool character looks like fun. thanks for your comments on SAS23, i believe so, and the other stuff, tad busy at the mo, with new baby but hoping to get back to my desk soon :)

  5. bootload 105 months ago | reply

    '... with new baby but hoping to get back to my desk soon :) ...

    thought so with the apgar. Have fun :) ... and not much sleep 8)

    '... cool character looks like fun ...'

    As you know you can do things you can never do/say with words or photos.

  6. bootload 105 months ago | reply


    A pattern is emerging do you know what it is?

  7. bootload 105 months ago | reply

    #8 Memories of a Neek! childhood...

    be sure to read the comments.

  8. bootload 105 months ago | reply


    What prompted this was a series of articles on generations X, generation Y & the inevitable boomers in the local paper. A multi-dimensional article it covered areas such as work, play, aspirations etc.

    '... Gen-X thinking has significant overtones of cynicism against things held dear to the previous generation ...'

    What stuck in my mind as I read the article was the streams of Gen-Y's bemoaning Oldies not moving out of positions of power (mainly work) they have maintained for decades. Then reading in the paper a reply arc'ing up reminding them theres a heap of Gen-X's still around.

    So this is a sort of piggy in the middle for Gen-Y, one of the least fit, most pampered, most financially stretched and yet to experience a recession or two.

  9. bootload 105 months ago | reply


    #9 Neek has a new tattoo ...

    be sure to read the comments.

  10. bootload 105 months ago | reply


    #10 Neek is building a software company, of driven, smart people ...

    be sure to read the comments.

  11. Mike "Dakinewavamon" Kline 94 months ago | reply

    This is classic! Nice work.

  12. bootload 92 months ago | reply

    "... This is classic! Nice work. ..."

    Hey Mike, sorry for the delay getting back to you. Funny that only GenX sort of get this.

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