• eeeeep! i have the same cover! the duckie with a peace sign is my favorite :) - virginie jolie
  • this looks like my kewpie's woogie she called it.. it had flowers on it..she still has a piece and puts it under her pillow and feels it at night. - feltedfolksies999
  • these are so wonderful! - The Dainty Squid
  • love this! - MichellesCharmWorld
  • there is my cute sister snoozing - thepizzadude
  • monster jennie crawls out from under the bed to snatch the lamp and run away!! - babymellowdee


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Sadie only just recently graduated to a 'big girl' bed.
She crawls in with us about 3am every night though to seek some snuggles. :)

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  1. Rainbow Mermaid 59 months ago | reply


  2. ♥stephanie[beth] 59 months ago | reply

    Super Nanny would not be impressed. Haha. Cute picture though :)

  3. Richele Nadine by design 59 months ago | reply

    OMHeavens, she is sleeping with bunny ears on!! I could cry, she looks so peaceful. Your darling girl can only have sweet dreams in her gorgeous big-girl bed!!

  4. raining rita 59 months ago | reply

    she needs to come here and play. We can wear our bunny ears together

  5. cocomicchi 59 months ago | reply

    it looks so dreamy
    B E A U T I F U L !

  6. swelldesigner 59 months ago | reply

    so perfect. I want to give her kisses :)

  7. The Doll & The Pea 59 months ago | reply

    What a pretty picture! She's so cute with her bunny ears!

  8. Mcsquegee [deleted] 58 months ago | reply

    I really would like to crawl into a bed as clean and as bright as this one. And sleep. And then when I wake I'm suddenly 5 and happy

  9. Mexycan 58 months ago | reply

    what a DARLING little room!

  10. nicolemariedev 58 months ago | reply

    i want her room! amazingly cute

  11. Farkle *Sparkle* 58 months ago | reply

    1000 squillion times cute!

  12. SnitchesGetStitches 57 months ago | reply

    Why am I just now noticing the Strawberry Shortcake lamp??? I wish I could have a bedroom just like hers!

  13. fullofbliss 57 months ago | reply

    I think I might be crying right now from cuteness overload!!! Not only the beautiful little sleeping bunny princess, but her to die for room. Just too adorable!

  14. Orangey34 56 months ago | reply

    She sleeps with the bunny ears. I'm sure that is too cute to be legal in certain areas of the world. HOW. CUTE.

  15. johnnyvintage 54 months ago | reply

    This is soooo cute, I love it!

  16. valerie.lenz 53 months ago | reply

    I am in love with your sweet Sadie's face! And the decor above her bed? And the LAMP? All to die for!:)

    loving this picture....makes me sooooo excited for future things to come with Heidi.

  17. C.Ekholm 50 months ago | reply

    Aawwwgghh....she is so cute!

  18. foopy79 45 months ago | reply

    so very beautiful

  19. June♥Marie [deleted] 39 months ago | reply

    Is this a toddler bed or a twin? Soo sweet!!

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