Valentines Day Dollies

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What's kept me busy for two weeks. :)

Introducing Sweetpea, Sweetheart, Snuggles, Babycakes, Darling, Dove, Lovebird, Precious, Snookums, Dumpling, Honeybunch, Sugarlips, Sweetums & Sugarplum!
(In that order, left to right starting from top)

These little loves were completely & totally inspired by the beautiful babydoll like & so-cute-you-can't-stand it girls from 40s & 50's Valentines. I wanted them to look like little boxes of heart shaped chocolates & bouquets of flowers with feet. Cotton candy scented & made with oodles & oodles of love!

Limited Edition. 14 dollies. So damn hard to part with!

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  1. boopsie.daisy 74 months ago | reply

    Awww, thank you for being so understanding, Sare. I hate the time zone screwie-ness, too. And hee hee, you're funny. The doors are open @ BM, but I'm done for the night. I'm pooped! :)

    P.S. Did you ever see the pic I uploaded of your special Valentine's doll? Technically she is/you are the one who inspired 'em all! <3

    Sweetie Edie

  2. FairiesMazk [deleted] 74 months ago | reply

    Babycakes you are gorgeous

  3. FairiesMazk [deleted] 74 months ago | reply

    Honeybunch you are gorgeous

  4. .Irit. 74 months ago | reply

    Sugarlips is sooo cuuute!

  5. photomagicianhead 74 months ago | reply

    You have outdone yourself with this bunch of dolls Missy! I love 1940s,1950s valentine stuff! I can't stop drooling over these dolls they are ALL amazing each one is so unique and pretty. I love honeybunch and dove so much but unfortunately they sold before I got to them:( Lovebird is gorgeous too! I love her cartoon 1940/50s face! *sigh* I could write forever about how wonderful I think these dolls are.
    I absolutely ADORE snuggles which I managed to buy. Can't wait to add her to my collection. Ya! Her furry red hat and shoes are such cute touches! I can't believe she was one of the last ones to be scooped up. She is utterly adorable:)
    NEVER stop creating dolls I love what you and your mum come up with! I can't believe it only took you guys 2 weeks to whip these up. Oh and I can't WAIT to see the easter bunch :D You should make a yellow boopsie chick that would be so cute:)

  6. feltedfolksies999 74 months ago | reply

    OMG!!!!!!! Missy you have created such cuteness all from that huge heart of yours... Each one of them is the cutest ever!! I think I am going to pass out!!

  7. raining rita 74 months ago | reply

    they are sugar and spice and Missy nice!!!!!! :)

  8. thepoppytree [deleted] 74 months ago | reply

    I can't believe all the different eyes and faces! You really went to town! =)

  9. TwinTransfusion 74 months ago | reply

    You dun outdid yerself blossum!

  10. Brathähnchen 74 months ago | reply

    WHERE can I buy your dolls? I need a lot of them for my flat. They look amazing.

  11. rhiannonmars 74 months ago | reply

    I think I love sweet pea!

  12. thevenusmonster 74 months ago | reply

    every single one of them please! :)
    what an adorable plush army....
    i wish there was like a big pit of these lovelies and id jump into them like plastic balls. delicious, adorable, cute.... just like YOU!

  13. thevenusmonster 74 months ago | reply

    dove and sugarlips are totally giving me the eye! <3

  14. timssally 74 months ago | reply 'em all darlin...:-D

  15. amInkie 74 months ago | reply

    I wish to everything holy and sacred in this world that I could've snatched one up... I am still kicking myself. But alas, they have all been distributed to loving homes... perhaps the next batch of lovelies I will be on my game!

  16. DollieLuvR-Valerie 67 months ago | reply

    *FANTABULOUS*!!!....hehe!! ;P

  17. druttens 65 months ago | reply

    i love colors in your pictures! they have so much energy

  18. xjadex__ 62 months ago | reply

    i love them!!

  19. HolidayTrees 51 months ago | reply

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  20. MissConduct* 38 months ago | reply

    Oh my goodness, they're just adorable, and each one seems to have it's own little personality! LOVE them!

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