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when bokeh and alcohol mix

HBW + HNY!!!!


This shot is really quite easy. I just stood about 6' in front of the Christmas tree, set the camera to manual focus and selected the closet focus distance setting. Then, I zoomed out to the widest setting on my K10D's kit lens (18mm) and set the mode dial to Manual mode with f/3.5 aperture and 1/4 second exposure. Holding the camera at waist height with my right hand and the zoom ring on the lens with my left hand, I depressed the shutter while turning the camera body in a clockwise motion around the lens (rotation direction may vary depending on lens). This rotated the image while zooming in during the 1/4 second the shutter was open. Only took a couple of tries to get this shot. BTW, make sure any image stabilization is OFF or you will get wonky jerky bokeh trails!

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Taken on December 21, 2008