To Preserve + Protect (March 16 - April 28, 2013)
To Preserve + Protect
March 16 - April 28, 2013

Featuring work by:

Elana Adler
Jon Bocksel
Candace Hicks
Adams Puryear
Jason Kachadourian

Booklyn Art Gallery is open Thursday – Tuesday, 12-5PM

In an age of technological revolution, many trades, crafts, and once hand-worked skills are increasingly diminishing with advancing computer technology, as we have seen in the past with the industrial revolution and the advent of mechanical production.

To Preserve and Protect is a group exhibition featuring five artists who incorporate different time-honored trades and materials into their work, reviving these processes through contemporary art. This exhibition will feature ceramics and plaster works, sign-painting and hand-lettering, wood-whittling, concrete casting, needlepoint and embroidery. While these techniques can be replaced by more convenient mechanic methods these artists prefer to sustain the craftsmanship and the mastery of skilled-hand production.

Although these techniques are historically revered as trades and reserved for commercial purposes or crafts, the exhibiting artists are creating new potential incorporating these materials into painting, sculpture, and book arts, challenging their traditional execution.

The artists offer their experience and knowledge of their respective crafts through workshops, and a coinciding “how-to” publication with sections by each artist contributing a personal perspective on teaching their trade to help preserving them for future generations.

TO PRESERVE + PROTECT is the fifteenth in a series of group exhibitions dedicated to providing self-publishing artists, who generally share their work through printed matter and other ephemeral media, with a platform for exhibition, experimentation and exploration outside of the printed format.
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