Sultry Muse

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    Toledo, Ohio

    1. photoqueen1234 ages ago | reply

      Ok damn it I'm jelious! nice eye!

    2. DetroitBikeBlog [deleted] ages ago | reply

      Oh, this is a sweet shot. Very classy.

      I was just admiring the fact that those crazy Toledans had desaturated their whole damn city. But now I'm set straight - some bits they sepia'd as well. Crazy crazy people.

    3. One Foot Over The Moon ages ago | reply

      I couldn't see the bridge for the fog! It was dull... I swear it was!

      Ok, so I did use sepia, and yea, I bumped the saturation up a half a hair afterward, but I hate to waste a perfectly deleteable photo, if I can help it. I almost deleted this one. It even looked drab in black and white, and couldn't see the bridge. I'm lovin' sepia. :)

      And... the distance shots of color, taken in dense fog, borderline the appearance of poor quality imaging. I never knew that until last night. It's clear to me now, why historically, we've seen fog work done in black and white. Anything in color is simply grainy... rather than fog.

      But DB! SHE's the Buckeye! I'm the Detroiter. :D

    4. DetroitBikeBlog [deleted] ages ago | reply

      All of these things I used to do in the dark room with film, it was cool then and it's super cool now with Shop. I just like to make fun of Toledo :-)

    5. One Foot Over The Moon ages ago | reply

      :)) :))... Shhh, let's hold it down... Photo might come back.


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