Columbia River Estuary Habitat Protection Projects
On April 2, 2012, Columbia Land Trust and the Bonneville Power Administration announced the purchase of 560 acres near the mouth of the Columbia River to permanently protect riverside habitat for Northwest fish and wildlife, including threatened and endangered salmon and steelhead.

The acquisitions will benefit young salmon and steelhead from Oregon, Washington and Idaho that gain essential strength in the estuary during their migration to the ocean. Protecting habitat in the estuary helps offset the impacts of federal hydroelectric dams on the Columbia and Snake river systems and is a central element of a federal biological opinion governing operation of the dams.

The three newly protected properties include: 117 acres at the mouth of the Wallicut River, rich fish habitat just outside of Ilwaco, Wash.; 378 acres at Knappton Cove on the north side of the Columbia River roughly opposite Astoria, Ore.; and 65 acres of tidelands, floodplain and uplands at the mouth of the Deep River where it empties into Grays Bay on the Washington side of the Columbia River.
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