• This be a Vaulted Ceiling
  • They haven't finished framing this window yet.. I'm not too concerned as they don't even have the window to put there yet. At least there's an opening for it.
  • This marks an instant decrease in property value, if you have one of these, get rid of it fast!
  • I hope they...I dunno, actually put a proper frame on this wall, or something.

    Update 7 September 2008: yep, they framed it properly now. no worries.
  • There's supposed to be a door that leads into the house somewhere in this genera area.

    Update 7 September 2008: it be there now.
  • K is for KOMPRESSOR
  • This is called gravel, similar to dirt, just chunkier.
  • This is called Sand, similar to dirt but not as chunky and has a higher silicon content (in the form of tiny quartz crystals)
  • This is called a cup, it goes in mr, trash can.
  • this is one heck of a ramp to get onto the roof.

I has...part of a roof

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they started framing the roof either today or over the weekend, looking good. the roof-like stuff on the left is actually the vaulted ceiling in the front bedroom. I am a bit disappointed though. I intentionally left some vague wording in the contract hoping they'd do a hip room over the garage as well, giving the house a more modern appearance. Oh well. I am a bit concerned they they haven't framed the door opening between the garage and the house yet.

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