My Ruby logo

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    A quick hack to prove that it can be done *heaps* better...

    1. Fran Diéguez [deleted] 89 months ago | reply

      Me gusta, me gusta... mucho más que la bazofia que ha salido del concurso.

      Aúnque yo le añadiría algun reflejo en blanco, no se porqué pero me lo pide el cuerpo.

    2. bomberstudios 89 months ago | reply

      "quick hack" ; )

    3. sieyin 89 months ago | reply

      Ojalá los del concurso vieran esto y se lo repensaran.

    4. sellmic 89 months ago | reply

      Looks nice, I would get rid of the "Programming Language" text though.

    5. Austin Ziegler 89 months ago | reply

      Prefer not having Web2.0 style logos. Nice, but quickly dated.

    6. jorge.correa 89 months ago | reply

      dónde va a parar! :)

    7. natanueces 89 months ago | reply

      No hay color! :-*

    8. Robot Plays Guitar 89 months ago | reply

      El unico problema es que esto tenia sentido *antes* de que finalizara el concurso.

    9. Sudo Ya_F 89 months ago | reply

      I love this logo: simple and clean. (Prefer without web 2.0 reflect ;-))

      Sorry about the end Matz choice :-/

    10. horati055 [deleted] 89 months ago | reply

      Dear Austin Ziegler:
      I signed up for a Flickr account for the sole reason of replying to your comment. Here goes:

      You are a complete and utter fucktard. I cannot begin to tell you how angry the combination of your pretentious dismissal of Ale's work and your scary scary picture has made me.

      I hate the fucking internet.

      PS to everyone: The little "pro" next to your name loses its meaning when EVERYONE has one. *I* actually stand out as different and unique by virtue of the fact that I *don't* have a PRO BADGE. Ironical, isn't it?

    11. dimitrabajos 89 months ago | reply

      es precioso el logo, ale!
      en tu línea

    12. Megaman 89 months ago | reply

      ah!, simple & elegant!

    13. luisvilla 89 months ago | reply

      @Austin Ziegler with all my respects Austin... don't you think the winning logo, apart not being nice is already outdated? Best regards

    14. liban.rami 73 months ago | reply

      nice logo and work luv it

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