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The Train

Long Story so get get a cup of coffee, soda, or beer and then I will tell you a tale.


I was out with my Mom taking photos and having a real nice time just wandering the countryside with no real destination or agenda. We would just drive and stop at whatever caught our photographer eye. We came upon this train that was sitting stationary on the tracks just idling. I thought that it would make for a nice photo. (Big Mistake)


Not wanting to waste an opportunity like this I crept closer and closer to the train, shooting from various angles trying to get "The Shot". As I was preparing to take my next shot the door in the front locomotive opens up and out walks a man that stood about 6'6" and was wearing dark sunglasses and a very angry look. He proceeded to bark this to me.


"I'm afraid I can't allow you to do that sir"

I asked what?

He replied, "You can not take photos of this train. I have to have your camera please".

I say no that I can not do that. I offer to erase the photos. His reply.

"No, that will not work, I need your camera NOW sir! I'm sorry, but since the 911 attacks you can not take photographs of trains, nor be on the tracks. I'm sorry, but I need you to give me that camera now or I will call the police."

Okay, now I am scared, and pissed. I need to think quick! Do I run? Do I give him my XD card? Nope, I stall for time. "Go ahead, call the police" I say, knees knocking, voice quivering. There take that Mr. Nazi train guy! What are you gonna do now? Ball is in your court. (Gulp)


So he climbs down towards me, removes his sunglasses and says,,,,,,,,,,,"Ha! HA! Ha! GOTCHA!" I'm just kidding! HA,HA,HA! Oh the look on your face was priceless!"


I was not amused, but yet I was. I being the prankster was just pranked by a railroad engineer! I told him that he was an a-hole, smiled and then with tail between my legs, walked back to my car to my Mom!


The End.


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Taken on July 4, 2006