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the body lanuage cards box | by BodyLanguageCards
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the body lanuage cards box


Why Body language?

More than 90% of our communication is conveyed by non-verbal means. Body language is the main factor in such communication. This is an ancient form of interaction that is even more evident in the animal world. The non-verbal messages are mostly perceived in our unconsciousness leading us to a hunch or a feeling regarding a person or a situation: “I don’t like him, I can feel he is lying” or on the positive side, “I immediately felt connected to her”.

Body language can be used to improve your negotiation skills, your presentation ability and in different social interactions, including a romantic date.


If it is a natural form of communication, why do I need to learn it?

Only a small percentage of the population perceive the non-verbal signs at the consciousness level and can use body language as a tool to “read” others and to present themselves and their messages in a reliable way. These people can create empathy, detect lies within seconds, and feel immediately when it’s the right time to close a deal. Others can learn it; many politicians practice body language techniques and use personal training for these purposes. Similarly, police and security experts are trained to understand body language as a tool to detect lies. In the corporate world, body language interpretation is a key tool in the interview and hiring process of new employees. Some companies even have a body language expert present during interviews and as part of a negotiation team for large-scale deals.


Why cards?

Mastering the secrets of the body language might be complicated. Body Language is a visual mode of communication- you cannot learn it just from reading- you need to see it. Body Language Cards do just that; they flood your consciousness with the visual gesture and connect it to its meaning.

Most important: It works!!!

Body Language Cards are used as an integral part on professional body language courses; they are practiced as an educational devise in corporations; Body Language Cards are even used in psychology courses in colleges all over the world as they were recently translated in 4 additional languages


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Taken on May 19, 2002