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Mom's Younger Days

I have not been too active of late. The photo show has kept me busy. Last week my Mom had a minor heart attack. Last Friday she under went bypass surgery. The surgery went well, but the recovery is a bitch. She is still in CCU, still on the respirator and other machines. She is 75 and fighting, if anybody has gone through this they know how scary it is. I may be distracted for a while.


Update: My Mom is still in CCU, but she is improving. They did a tracheotomy, her heart is strong, but she is still working on the lungs. She is alert, but can't talk because of the tube .She has walked a little, i have heard this slow progress is normal if you are older. I guess progress is progress slow, but certain.


Update: Start of forth week, still in CCU getting better, walking a little, had a trip outside. I'm spending a lot of time in the hospital. Things are surreal as the days blend together.


Update: Mom is now in an extended stay CCU. It's cheaper for the insurance, but at least things are stable. The next mission is to ween her off the respirator. Slow, but moving forward, thanks.


Update: Mom is now out of CCU and she has had some real food. Now if we can get her up and about she should be on her way out of the hospital. Best news so far!


Update: July 24 2009. Finely out of the hospital and home. My Mom is doing well, she still needs a lot of help, till she builds up her leg muscles. Too much time on her back, but it all looks good.


Update Sept. 15 2013, My mom passed away this day at 2:30 AM. We were glad to have her here for a few more years, but her quality of life was never the same after her heart attack. At least she has no more pain, we will miss her.


Photo by Wayne Bailey

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Taken on December 20, 2007