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    Winifred Bryson was a friend of my Aunt Ida back in the early days of Hollywood. She was going to become a little more famous in the 1920's. I found evidence of 19 films she made during that time, probably made more. The Most famous was the original "Hunchback of Notre Dame" with Lon Chaney. She played Fleur de Lys.
    She was a California native and lived here her whole life.
    Married to well know actor Warner Baxter until his death in 1951. She died on August 20 1987, she was 94 years old.

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    1. rod murrow 80 months ago | reply

      What a great portrait -- and a great story, too.

    2. Mused Renaissance Man 80 months ago | reply

      ...i absolutely adore this kind of soft portrait...i've seen some photos like this of my grandmother when she was as young as this beautiful lady...makes time irrelevant and beauty timeless...

    3. Second Street 80 months ago | reply

      Incredible photograph. Must have been a fascinating time for the film industry then. Great stories and pics Keep them coming, please.

    4. Bodie Bailey 80 months ago | reply

      Thank you more to come, this is a family history project.

    5. copperhorse 80 months ago | reply

      A very stunning, vibrant youg lady ..Beautiful...!

    6. jodice 80 months ago | reply

      Again before I read your words I was going to say she looksmlike she could be in the movies! Great old shot Bailey!

    7. Just me.... 80 months ago | reply

      totally and utterly beautiful.....such a treasure.....

    8. BlueOakPhotos 80 months ago | reply

      Beautiful woman, lovely portrait...thanks for sharing this history.

    9. HyeStyleShots thank you to a very generous friend 79 months ago | reply

      you have such a colorful family history, this woman is beautiful

    10. Lady Adokenai 77 months ago | reply

      So pretty.

      isn't is sad that a whole lifetime can be summed up in a paragraph?

    11. Bodie Bailey 77 months ago | reply

      It is sad and to make it worse most people do not even get that. If you were born before computers or were famous, before computers you may be totaly lost to time.

    12. BlueCatArtist 75 months ago | reply

      nice story and photo.

    13. tokek belanda (very busy) 70 months ago | reply

      Beautiful portrait and a great history, she sure was a pretty lady in her days...

    14. pi c's 70 months ago | reply

      my great grandfather was an actor...people, in his time, knew him too. it's pretty cool to watch him in The Man From Planet X...he played the scientist (the one with the glasses in the trailer).

    15. Bodie Bailey 70 months ago | reply

      I know that movie, cool I saw it as a kid on TV. I was always watching movies till dawn and all the other late night films.

    16. denifoster 64 months ago | reply

      Wow, thanks so much for this photo! She is the cousin of my grandfather, and wish I had known (or cared) about these things while she was still alive. You have a great collection here.

    17. Bodie Bailey 64 months ago | reply

      Thanks I have another photo of her that I will post someday. I wish I got to know my Aunt Ida better. Actually she was my third cousin, my Great Grandfathers, daughter.

      She was in her late 70's when she came to live with us. She was begining to lose memories by then, it was sad. Good days and bad days, before they called it Alzheimer's, but it probably was that disease that took her mind.

    18. universalstonecutter 57 months ago | reply

      Examine this image by opie_jeanne on Frickr: this actress may appear in the photo and be identifyed?

      by Bristle's Film Poster Collection - she is shown in this ad

    19. swanq 39 months ago | reply

      Another photo of her has recently been uploaded by the Library of Congress:
      Winifred Bryson (LOC)

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