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Saartje's Booties in Hazel Knits | by Bockstark Knits
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Saartje's Booties in Hazel Knits

Saartje's Booties in Hazel Knits Artisan Sock Tulip and Chocolatier. I am perfecting the art that is Saartje's booties! These were done in the round (a la Fleegle), but my turkish cast on was leaving a strip of knitted sts and I liked the "normal" strap buttonhole, instead of crochetted loops. So instead, I am currently testing my magic cast on. It is looking good so far! I will write up what I did if anyone is interested. Pattern is here.


I had the perfect buttons for these, but they were metal and thought that they might be uncomfortable for a baby. It was 1am and I couldn't run to the store to buy buttons, so I just knitted some! :)


I am really proud of myself because I have learned several things, important things, that I never bothered to learn properly before. First, I learned proper mattress stitching - this was before I found the "in the round" pattern. Second, I learned how to stick my yarn ends in from Mrs. Whale (ok her "name" is Mevrouw Walvis). Third, I learned how to do those cool buttonholes, one of my favorite things to do! Fouth, I learned how to do a Turkish cast on, woohoo! As I am venturing away from socks and scarves (no worries, I would never leave for good!), I am learning or re-learning how to do things right. We are so lucky to have the internet that can show you how to do pretty much everything and connect with so many amazing knitters!

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Taken on March 7, 2008