U.S. WW I (Troop)Ships
I have stored many of these photos on my website. While some of the antique photos and cards are just U. S. Navy ships, the primary emphasis is on the troopships. They are listed on my website.

During the First World War, the United States had to get millions of soldiers to Europe and fast. A number of US ships, as well as captured German ships were converted quickly to troopships, and they carried the troops over and back from Europe.

Most of these items are real photo postcards, with the occasional photo. In some cases, these images show the original copyright, but most are from unknown photographers, plying their trade during the War period.

Note that a number of the cards are images with the words "Ship That Brought Me Home". The photos were taken in US ports by local photographers, who then sold the cards to the arriving troops. In my years of collecting, I have seen very few of these cards in postally used condition.

So take a look and turn the clock back to another era.
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