Ride Number Two of the South Bay Distance Training Series. The ride was described as "easier than last week's with the same amount of climbing over a longer distance." Which didn't mean there wasn't plenty of climbing. And--for the Bay Area at least--it was cold, though sunny and in fact really not unpleasant despite the chilly temperatures. And despite the chilly temperatures we had as many riders this week as last week--35.

To mix things up, this week's ride went south instead of north. From Mountain View we headed south through Cupertino and Saratoga (atypically for most of these rides a good portion of the route consisted of traveling the same roads in both directions), hopped onto Highway 9 into Los Gatos for our first stop. Once in Los Gatos we took care of the biggest climbs--Shannon Road, followed by Kennedy Road. The turn from one to the other was tricky, a sharp, hidden right turn followed by a brief but very steep uphill. Because I wasn't prepared for the turn I ended up walking the first 20 feet; a fellow-rider had lost dropped his chain trying to make the transition and I had to stop and help him anyway so it turned out to be for the best. One road took us out of downtown Los Gatos while the other dumped us perhaps a half mile away from where we'd started climbing. We returned to Highway 9 again but turned off onto Quito Road, which we'd ridden on many previous occasions but not in this direction. Then we turned off onto some residential streets which had brief but, let us say, bracing climbs and downhills before returning to Saratoga, where we had our lunch stop.
After lunch we continued our return to Mountain View, by way of Prospect, Stelling, McClellan and Foothill. But we turned off once again, onto Cristo Rey Drive, taking us up a a couple more hills, eventually returning us to Loyola Road and around the Los Altos Golf and Country Club in the opposite direction we'd circled it last week...but still with the requisite climbs. Our return was back along other roads we've often traveled but in a direction we're not accustomed to.
This week we covered 45 miles; on our next ride, in two weeks, we've been promised an easy fifty-miler with very little climbing, which I am looking forward to, followed by something already described as sufficiently challenging that walking a portion of the hills is almost expected. I'll be praying for rain.
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