The final ride of our fall series from Mike's Bikes in Sausalito. As we had last week, we shortened the official route by ten miles, turning it into a reverse Nicasio Loop. As was the case last week it was chilly--VERY chilly. And gloomy. And that was the fun part.
In case anyone is wondering why there are so few pictures...
The weather forecast had called for rain late in the day. I suspect many of us had secretly been hoping the rain would arrive early in the morning so that we'd cancel. Instead it waited until we were at the north end of Nicasio Reservoir (all except for one of our riders, who wisely decided to turn back at Nicasio Ranch). Being out that far there was nothing to do but to keep going. We opted to keep to the road instead of using the bike path. After seeing last week how covered with fallen leaves it was, the road seemed like the better choice. There was relatively little traffic due to the weather.
I discovered that the market in Lagunitas has delicious homemade soups...perfect for a day like last Saturday. The rain actually stopped briefly just before most of us got to White's Hill. So although the road was very wet, conditions weren't nearly as bad as my previous experience descending it in rain when I had to keep my speed down to about 15 mph all the way down. Still not a fun time going downhill. All of this put a damper on my picture-taking. I just wasn't in the mood.
Once back at Mike's Bikes I discovered how filthy everything had gotten. I had to take my jacket off before getting in the car; the back was covered in dirt. And needless to say my bike was gross. No rides between now and either New Year's Day or January 5 so there's plenty of time to clean it up and get it ready for the coming season.
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