Ride number two in a series of fall training rides from Mike's Bikes in Sausalito. I volunteered to help out on this series specifically so I would NOT have to ride across the Golden Gate Bridge (missing the aggravation of afternoon bike traffic on the bridge is worth the $5 toll). This one was very easy. It was billed as 24 miles but my mileage was actually just short of 26. No major climbs; we headed out, rode a portion of the Sausalito Bike Path and then turned off towards the Strawberry neighborhood of Mill Valley, briefly joined Tiburon Blvd and then turned off once again to pick up the bay trail into Tiburon for lunch. After eating we continued along Paradise Drive, looped around the Village at Corte Madera Mall, made another stop at Peets and climbed what is known as Horse Hill (though I didn't see any horses), back onto multi-use trail and then back onto the Sausalito Bike Path.

Although it was quite foggy when we left, things soon cleared up, giving us a gloriously sunny and mild day.
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