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The Uterceptor | by BobDeQuatre
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The Uterceptor

  The Uterceptor, Zar Mioln's personnal starfighter, was built from a damaged U-Wing salvagedby the Dawn's Raiders Guild from a recent space battle opposing the Rebellion and the Empire. After being brought into the Harvester's main hangar, the U-Wing damages were assessed. The ship lost its starboard engines, wing and door, but was otherwise in good condition. Wingss and twin ion engines from Tie Interceptors were used to repair the U-Wing. The missing door was replaced by armor plates and a missile launcher pod was added.

  The Uterceptor is used as a command and support ship, adding firepower to salvage parties when needed. Due to its shape, it can't land anywere but on a specific dock inside the Harvester's hangar.



Finally done... It all started as a micro build last year, and I decided to start working on it during the last lockdown. I bought books to have access to schematics of both U-Wing and Tie Interceptor and made lots of measurements to get all the shapes and angles right. Of course it's not perfect as I had to make some choices. Sometimes getting one part right was messing up another part... I also faced difficuties adding details on the inside, as the measurements of the interior didn't quite matched the space available.


I also tried not to look at other UCS sized U-Wing. I just compared solutions used on a few areas. I decided not to use the UCS X-Wing canopy as its shape isn't really great for the U-Wing, and switched for a "no glass" solution that I'm not completely happy with.


I also tried Light My Bricks stuff for the first time, and it was a really great experience. I'm impressed by the small size of the leds and wires.


Anyway, I hope you'll like it. It was a really great experience building this "Ugly"

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Uploaded on July 25, 2021