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Skull Island | by BobDeQuatre
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Skull Island

Somewhere in the Caribean, where no one dare wanders, surrounded by treachous reefs, there was a giant skull laying just above the water surface. No one knows where it cames from, or who carved it... or if someone actually carved it...

The place was reputed to be doomed and haunted, and just seeing its shape over the horizon was believed to bring bad fortune. So ships made great detours to completely avoid this part of the see.

But one dared to come to the Skull Island, he dared to step on the white surface and look into the skull's eyes... And what he saw was gold...

This was the legend of the Skull Island. The once feared giant skull is now a prolific gold mine, and someone became the richest pirate the world ever known...



So this is a Moc I made in summer 2018 for Brick66 pirate collab. Didn't have the time to take good pictures of it before today. It was really refreshing to build it, even if I struggled to get the right parts as rocks and woods aren't what I'm used to build.

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Taken on November 23, 2019