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    Dorothea Lange is one of my favorite photographers of the past. Her photography is so filled with passion for people and the plights they find themselves in. This is part of one of my "moleskine" journals.

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    1. Grant MacDonald 81 months ago | reply

      powerful, powerful images!

    2. el patojo 81 months ago | reply

      I love moleskines!!
      Your work is great!

    3. Across & Down 81 months ago | reply

      That Migrant Mother photo is so amazing. AND your moleskine journals are amazing .. you are such an artist. I love your printing and the way you design the pages.

    4. Bob AuBuchon 81 months ago | reply

      Thanks JoAnne ... I enjoy the journaling ... a bit of distraction every now and then,

    5. angie.mertz 78 months ago | reply

      I'm a fan of Dorothea Lange also, and "Migrant Mother" is my fave photo of hers. Did you know that the mother in the photo was only 32?!? She looks so much older, but I guess such a hard life takes its toll. I also read that her & her children ate frozen peas they picked on the farm as well as black birds to stay alive. It's really sad, but thanks to Lange's photos they got the help they needed! (history lesson for the day) *HA*

    6. Bob AuBuchon 78 months ago | reply

      Yes, "Migrant Mother" is my favorite also, though Dorothea does have some most excellent second choices. I have two books about her life ... interesting read. I would love to set out and photograph the plights of people, but just not sure I have the photo-journal-guts to walk up to someone so hurting with life and snap a camera.

    7. Sendlinger 77 months ago | reply

      Awesome stuff... Do you still remember what kind of pen was used?

    8. Bob AuBuchon 77 months ago | reply

      @ binaerstoff ... I assume the question on the pen is the one I used ... a Pilot G-2 07 ...

    9. Marcfoto 77 months ago | reply

      Ditto- she was a true pioneer!

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