Tennents Lager Lovelies

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Ancient cans of lager found unopened in a cupboard

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  1. annamacl 104 months ago | reply

    Bob - they're worth quite a bit of money. Don't throw them away.

  2. bob the lomond 104 months ago | reply

    Don't drink them either!

  3. mad aunt 104 months ago | reply

    At last you've found the key to the cellar. Hic!!!!

  4. ztephen 104 months ago | reply

    Drinking Tennant's Lager? Urp.

    Still, quite a find. That's a real chunk of Scottish history there! Ephemera rock.

  5. Dadooron [deleted] 103 months ago | reply

    Don't the names date them!?

    Norma, Shona, Mary, Janis etc. Not the names you'd find associated with the equivalent "lovelies" today.

  6. howbeg 99 months ago | reply

    I used to go to school with a lass that was on the cans but I dont see her there!

  7. afwrite 96 months ago | reply

    Absolutely fantastic. They don't make nostalgia like they used to!

  8. Alex Young Photography 91 months ago | reply

    These bring back memories; they've got to be collector’s pieces.

  9. Redshift21 86 months ago | reply

    Man thats a blast from the past!!!

  10. edowds 84 months ago | reply

    Those were the days :o)

    Found in a search. (?)

  11. jmo10467 73 months ago | reply

    Was carol smillie ever a tennents can girl ?.

  12. annamacl 73 months ago | reply

    jmo10467 - No, she wasn't. Although she says she always wanted to be!

  13. greggieman 28 months ago | reply

    Have you still got these? I would be interested in buying some?

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