One Square Meter House

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    Van Bo Le-Menztel and Corinne Rose show Lab | Log blogger Christine McLaren all the ways she can use the One Square Meter House

    The “One-Sqm-House” is the brainchild of Van Bo Le-Mentzel, a long-time Berlin resident, architect, and founder of Hartz IV Möbel. Learn more on Lab | Log:

    Photo: Christine McLaren

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    1. njmcoley 33 months ago | reply

      humm... not to sure what to think about this, I thought it was a joke...I guess it what ever makes you happy!

    2. femlinandrews2002 33 months ago | reply

      If you are homeless it is better than sleeping in a cardboard box. You can close it up and keep the snow or rain out and many of the insects. You can put a few locks on both the inside and out side to keep people out when you are away for whatever purpose (like going to the nearest public rest room) or a sleep. If you are homeless and can't buy the materials most homeless can scrounge the materials needed from construction wasted sites. But really the government could construct these and put them up in alleys or what ever places that are littered with card board boxes and trash cans that homeless people have claimed as these homeless communities. Painting them so that they looked like little villages and they would be less of of an eye sore to those who don't get what it is like to be homeless and look down their noses at these poor souls and their living arrangements.

    3. starrynight89 33 months ago | reply

      I was homeless before and i would have gave anything to just live in that so, there it is don't judge unless u have walked in a homless persons shoes.

    4. fl_bob2002 33 months ago | reply

      Maybe they can put them along the interstates and rent out to some truckers or travelers that don't want to stay in a motel. Some people just want to sleep with no amenities. They could steel some money from the motels.

    5. buckhunter2011 33 months ago | reply

      if your homeless it means you probably do not have a job.and you could not afford $1.30 a day...right

    6. jordan f. 33 months ago | reply

      Honestly, it really isn't hard to find a little over a dollar on the street. Plus i'm sure they would make an acception to a dollar. ha But seriously, I'm 16 and when I'm on a road trip I would be thrilled to sleep in this for a dollar..

    7. weatherfreak1 33 months ago | reply

      no one knows someone could sleep in there

    8. nonicegal 33 months ago | reply

      Anyone can get $1.30 a day. Find it on the street, get a donation from just one person (like we see the homeless do all the time at 7-Elevens or stop lights) or get an organization such as a church or the government to fund something like this. It's a great idea.

    9. weatherfreak1 33 months ago | reply

      but tornado i dont think so

    10. weatherfreak1 33 months ago | reply

      i never found a doller on the street

    11. weatherfreak1 33 months ago | reply

      i would play call of duty black ops zombies then be in that

    12. static_mike 33 months ago | reply

      yea set them up at internet cafes so they wont get blood clots from sitting down all day long on their ass

    13. dalegum 33 months ago | reply

      i think this is a creative use of space and very clever !

    14. 33 months ago | reply

      HAHAHA, gosh, when i first saw the "house" i thought it was a minI doll house. i can make that in like 20 min. although i should not be laughing because many homeless people dont even have THAT.

    15. mackdaddy903 33 months ago | reply

      i think its kinda cool i mean i wouldf try it not live in it permantly but sleep in in and maybe camp in ot but its not that bad its preaty creative

    16. twrroy 33 months ago | reply

      It is odd, small for sure..I guess what ever floats your obviously is on the internet and getting tons of posts while the maker is raking it in sitting in a starbucks reading our posts and checking his bank account

    17. COMMENT QUEEN THE 3RD 33 months ago | reply


    18. realitybased 33 months ago | reply

      hey,with the way things are rolling,i could live in that box.better then damn cardboard and who knows,with some tabletop and battery operated light.better then spending 900 a month in new jersey for a roach infested 630 sq.ft place.

    19. hollyster2 33 months ago | reply

      looks like the "A frame" shed my stepdad built at the property yeah he made it two story actually live in it right now but he would have built a loft. at my mom and his house he built one looks like an "A frame" cottage and at the property he built two but of course they are a standard size but like this one he never finished , 'oh yeah' he was born in a barn. Ha! Ha! sad but true .

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