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    Great Egret feeding on some sort of Smelt(bait fish). Bolsa Chica(CA)

    Canon 7D2 @ 400mm --- 5.6 --- 1/1250s --- ISO 1000

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    1. elgatocepeda 2 months ago | reply

      beautiful lady.

    2. SheilaMink 2 months ago | reply

      Congratulations on your photo being chosen as one of the best! An amazing scene!

    3. Fat Burns ☮ 2 months ago | reply

      Great image! Congratulations!

      You are most welcome to post it to
      Illuminations in the Wild

    4. zzapback 2 months ago | reply

      Epic stuff! Those eyes! :)

    5. Mark Buchan Jones 2 months ago | reply

      Top 25 and a wonderful shot! Congratulations!

    6. johnhitchen1 2 months ago | reply

      Congrats on top 25 2018

    7. Photography is the story I fail to put into words 2 months ago | reply

      Outstanding photography, Congratulations on being Flickrs Top 25, Truely deserved 😊

    8. Living♥Laughing♥Loving ... :) 2 months ago | reply

      Whoa ... This is incredible!! ♥

    9. Bert CR 6 weeks ago | reply

      Perfect timing! Congrats on top 25 for 2018! Well deserved!

    10. bidutashjian 6 weeks ago | reply

      Congratulations! Fantastic image!

    11. C in the clouds 5 weeks ago | reply

      This offensive photograph should be a choice to see upon signing in, not forced upon us. Flickr is once again forcing users to see photos that are offensive. We should have a choice. Seeing a violent act is NOT acceptable as a sign in photo. This is just wrong. This is a photo of a bird killing a fish. What the hell is wrong with Flickr? They cannot manage themselves. The "photographer" is making fun of this with his ignorant title and should be ashamed. This is indicative of a society that is in decline and highly insensitive.

    12. Giant_Schnauzer 5 weeks ago | reply

      C in the clouds Nothing offensive about this photo! The egret (a kind of bird) is not killing the little fish. The egret went to some trouble to orient the fish head first so that it would slide down the hatch easily without being unnecessarily roughed up, thereby remaining in good shape to swim around in the egret's belly with the rest of the little fish, all doing their part in the big scheme of things.

    13. conall.. 5 weeks ago | reply

      that is a stunning picture! love it so much! keep up the great work!

      C in the clouds It is eating! an Each egret probably eats about 10 fish per day - If they couldnt manage this they die. Distributing tofu to them wont work.

      We humans should eat less meat. More of us should be vegetarian. We are omnivores and have the means to make these choices for the sake of the planet.

      We cant impose these same choices on obligate predators.

      The idea that we shouldnt enjoy artistic and striking pictures of birds eating insects and fish is not sensible. Spiders eating flies, wasps or flies that have emerged from larvae that live in other creatures. A bird on a bird table eating beef suet etc.. Think about it for a moment and reflect.

    14. bdira3 3 weeks ago | reply

      Fabulous. capture !

    15. CarenPolarBears 3 weeks ago | reply

      What a stunning photo!

      C in the clouds That's how nature works Eat and to be Eaten !

    16. Jim Crozier 2 weeks ago | reply

      Just saw your shot in Flickrs top 25 shots Salah ... Fantastic,well done.

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