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Pebbles On A Beach: A Dedication | by Brian Travelling
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Pebbles On A Beach: A Dedication

I wish to dedicate this photograph to the people who lost their lives in the recent terror attacks in Manchester and London, to all the victims wounded and their families, to all the emergency services who came to their aid and to the members of the public who did all they could for their fellow humans.


Religion in itself is a most wonderful thing, no one particular religion but all of them. They all teach a way of life that is peaceful, loving and kind, there are no religions in this world that uphold the ideologies of the terrorist no matter what cause they fight for.


There is no reason in this world that says it is alright to murder innocent ordinary everyday people going about their normal lives. No matter the country they live in or the country they perpetrate their acts of barbarity.


Personally, I am a peace loving man and I wish everyone in the world the opportunity to be able to sleep peacefully in their bed at night, wake up to the dawn of a new day and enjoy what we experience in this life.


There is far too many things in this world that are awful without mankind making it worse. We have a body of nations called the UN, they should be able to bring about peace and stability in the world but we know that they cannot do it alone because there are too many vested interests in wars, violence and destruction.


The people of the world, all human beings of all races, creeds, colours, religions, sexuality or ethnicity, however you choose to identify yourself, if you are a lover of peace and of your fellow human inhabitants of this earth, lets pass on some love.


I urge everyone of you reading this to do just one thing of your choosing to help someone or make someone feel better, make that someone a complete stranger, a simple smile to a lonely person could do more good than donating a million to charity.


I promise you that from this day forward, I commit to doing at least one thing for someone, no matter who they are, no matter what they look like, talk like, smell like or act like, I will endeavour to do a single good thing at least once a day.


Join with me, spread the love!

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Uploaded on June 4, 2017