We met these kids on the last day of our safari -- the walking safari part -- in northern Tanzania. One of their relatives invited the three of us and our guide to meet them. These kids are cousins and when I showed them the digital pics of another family member one of them said "take a picture, take a picture." So I walked into one of their mud huts and peered out through this "window" to show them how I wanted to set up the shot. They didn't know much English and my Swahili amounts to about ten words, so I used sign language to arrange them like so. Initially, the kid in the white shirt on the bottom left was upset but then he changed his tone in a matter of seconds. I took three shots and when I looked at this one I knew it would be the one to represent Tanzania in the sets. The next day I showed the shot to one of the guys who organized our safari and he immediately wanted to use it for a fund-raising brochure for an eco-tourism company he's involved in. The company tries to get local disadvantaged youth hired as guides for safaris and climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, so I let him have the shot and helped him proof and lay out the brochure.
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