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Say cheese!

Here Kramer is hanging out in his nice comfy anemone. Say cheese!


Kramer is a spine-cheeked anemonefish or maroon clown (Premnas biaculeatus). His home here is an Entacmaea quadricolor, bubble tipped anemone.


Kramer's Story


Kramer is a tank bred fish that I adopted in San Diego in early-2002. He is named after the character from Seinfeld, and as the first fish to host in my anemone, he quickly became the star of the show! He was king of the tank: my 15 gallon nano reef aquarium. But he was a gentle occupant, allowing all the other inhabitants their own space. With a knack for getting attention, he'd even eat from my fingers during feeding time.


When I moved to Michigan in mid-2003, he came along with me. He was stowed away in my trunk for 31 hours, comfortably swimming in a heated and flowing tub of his own water and corals. Four years later, it was time to move back to Southern California. But this time it wasn't going to be so easy. In March 2007, I made the decision that I couldn't take my tank back with me; so meant that Kramer would be staying in Michigan.


He was the perfect shade of orange with the nicest yellow stripes. I hoped he would go to good home and I tried to find an established reef keeper. It was a sad day the day I gave him away. I'll miss his endearing expression as captured above along with his unique, clownfish ways.


Here is Kramer's most lasting image, in memory of him.


Update: Published online at Reefkeeping Magazine, October 2003.

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Taken on July 22, 2002