Guitar Hero Controller 3
This is my third Lego guitar, made for use with the Playstation 2 versions of Guitar Hero. While the Explorer and Warlock guitars are regular six-string guitars, this controller is a four-string bass guitar, modeled after a Fender Geddy Lee Jazz Bass guitar.

I gutted the real controller, taking out the electronic boards and special working components, and placed them inside a Lego chassis of my design. Every working part works as well as they do in the real controller. Like on the Warlock I had to make Lego extensions for the Start and Select buttons, but, using spring bricks, it is hardly noticeable. The Whammy Bar is in a more awkward position than on the other two controllers, due to the strange position of the Start/Select buttons. The Strum Bar, like on the Warlock, is fabricated from Technic pieces. I only recently discovered that the design of the Lego Strum Bar makes it very hard for someone to strum quickly, so it has been replaced with a new design. It is so much better than the old one. I have five-starred many a song with the new bar (including Gemini).

The guitar took four (not straight, mind you) days to make, and is probably the best out of the three so far. I was hoping to get a YouTube video of the guitar in action made, and post it here, but my camera is out of commission right now.
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