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Coming for You

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"...And then... The warning lights went off and there was a deafening explosion from, um, deck three, the holding area. ...It escaped.


It ran rampant through decks two and three, stabbing and vaporizing anyone it saw...


We only stopped it when a squad of Marines rigged the two decks with explosives and jettisoned the monster into space... We thought it was over then.


Then we saw some of the wounded wake up. Their bleeding miraculously stopped... Their bodies miraculously strengthened... And they started killing people, too! Nothing could stop them, and now they're prowling around... Admiral Giddens and Captain Redstorm are MIA, and I've been chased around by... Him.


...I-I watched him kill. I watched, and I couldn't look away. It was so mesmerizing, he looked like an angel.


But he's no angel... He's not here to help. He's not going to stop... He's the angel of death! He's... He's here! Oh God, oh God, please stop! Stop, I'm sorry! I'm sorr-augh!


Monologue inspired greatly by an Art Bell radio interview featured on the Tool track Faaip de Oiad, off the album Lateralus. Read the transcript here (beware, there is psychobabble prefacing the transcript).

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Taken on October 30, 2008