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Captured tiger cub

This poor guy was at the "Tiger Temple" in Kanchanaburi province, Thailand.

I don't recomand this trip at all. Although it sounds nice touching the tigers and taking their pictures it's not as cool as you may think.


The big tigers look as if on drugs and they just lie there sleeping all day. It looks sad and somehow you feel that this animals are used commercially just to bring money to the monks. Some other people in this region started capturing/buying/getting tigers and now they are happy to present those in cages for tourists - for money of course. It's very different than in a Zoo, at least in a Zoo they have a relatively big area for the tigers to move and are being taken care by professionals. Here are aprox 15 tigers in chains - the big ones sleeping all the time (strange) and tones of people visiting every day putting money in this monastery. I understand it's hot and the tigers have to do this every day, probably are very bored, but not a single tiger moving from aprox 10 adults?


Second, you are not allowed to take pictures of the big tigers (Imagine my shock to hear that after traveling so much) . Some volunteer will take your hand and bring you behind the sleeping tigers and other volunteer will take your camera and take some snapshots of you touching the tiger. You do this for aprox 5 big sleeping tigers, 2 photos per each tiger (one landscape and one portrait). Or you can buy the "Special Photo" treatment and they take the sleeping tiger head and put it in your lap and somebody takes a photo of that.


My photos are with the tiger cubs, these have a different treatment than the adults. At least these seem like normal "alive" animals - but still in chains.

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Taken on September 9, 2009