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Black Rock 360 Panorama

A somewhat botched attempt to get a 360 degree panorama at Black Rock Overlook. The black parts in the lower part of the picture are due to my inability to keep the camera steady at the same horizon level. ;-) I suspect a tripod with a pan head would be useful for this sort of thing.


The cloudy skies made it difficult to get a properly exposed panorama picture. I guess I'll have to try this again on an overcast day with softer light. I used a graduated neutral density filter to keep the white clouds from overexposing, but since the camera doesn't let you play much with the settings when using StitchAssist, it turned out a bit dark overall.


I actually started in the middle of this picture and turned around, but the stitching software (Microsoft ICE) decided to merge the pictures this way. Curiously enough, Photoshop's photomerge also did not start where I started, but put it together with the tree that is showing on the left here on the right side. I liked this version better as it shows all of Grandfather Mountain in the left half.


Best enjoyed large, but to get the whole 360 degree view experience, I guess you have to print it out and tape the right end to the left end.

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Taken on July 29, 2012