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Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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Chicago dyes the river green for St. Patrick's Day. An orange powder us used and it changes the whole river to an intense green color as it blends. Here's a link to a one-minute, time-lapse video from the Chicago Tribune: www.chicagotribune.com/video/?slug=chi-031508green-river-wn

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  1. bitznbitez ( was lucias_clay ) 86 months ago | reply

    How totally and completely "Chicago".

    Great shot.

    Seen on your photo stream. (?)

  2. Cytosue 86 months ago | reply

    Oh my gosh...that's totally crazy!!!! I bet there was lots 'o green beer flowing this weekend, too! Great shot!

  3. spudart 86 months ago | reply

    What time did they finally dump the dye into the river?

  4. bluemarla 86 months ago | reply

    Hey spudart, I think it was about 10:45 when they started. It took longer than I thought to really get the green color distributed- several passes by the boats and lots of photo opportunities!

    lucias and sue, thanks for checking this out!

  5. moorepix4u2c 86 months ago | reply

    That is too funny. Thanks for showing the rest of us what crazy things go on in Chicago :)

  6. spudart 86 months ago | reply

    bluemaria-- thanks! I have a couple friends who attended the festivities, there were there at 10:15am and nothing was happening so they left at 11:30am. :-\
    Thanks for sharing your great pics!

  7. bluemarla 86 months ago | reply

    spudart- I read the post and maybe they were at the wrong location? The dye was put into the river between the Michigan Ave and Columbus bridges.

    Beth- it was crazy and lots of fun and everyone walking around was dressed in green and having a great time.

  8. Amysplants 86 months ago | reply

    The Saturday evening news on ABC had a story on this annual event.
    Years ago some plumbers noticed how the powder they use to detect leaks turns water green. So plumbers are in those boats for St. Patrick's Day dispensing the orange powder. It was an intense electric green on TV!

  9. bluemarla 85 months ago | reply

    I wondered why the plumbers were the ones on the boat putting the powder into the water!

  10. Flipped Out 85 months ago | reply

    I love the curve formed by the wake.

    Seen on your photo stream. (?)

  11. SparkyLeigh 85 months ago | reply

    I too saw this on the nightly news-- sure a crazy thing to do!

    (I hope the dye does not harm the life living in the water)

    RE: "Can I ask where on the Big Island you took this photo? I am planning a trip there soon and would love to find some geckos."

    I took the geckos and bees feeding on nectar blossoms from the deck of my upper lanai. There are two main types of geckos and also the anole lizard. The geckos are everywhere on the islands. In recent years one variety of the geckos, the Madagascar kind that are in my photo, have gone from rare to the most common in just the past 10 years.

    They are sometimes called Day-geckos because they show themselves broadly in the daytime, the other geckos rarely do. The Madagascar's eat the young of other lizards and are very aggressive that way... they will eat honey out of your hand once they know you.

    I have many of them in and outside my house. One of them shows up next to my desk here each morning to lick the milk drops leftover in my granola cereal bowl- only inches from my keyboard here.

  12. beccafromportland 85 months ago | reply

    This is so neat! I loved the video!

  13. myleftthumb 85 months ago | reply

    hope it was a good one!

  14. photo fiddler 85 months ago | reply

    This looks even greener than you showed us last year!

  15. KevinEdge 85 months ago | reply

    Excellent shot! Boy this is really some greeny goodness!

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