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A Hedgehog Life | by BlueLunarRose
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A Hedgehog Life

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Hi all my friends, as many of you asked me to write information about hedgehogs, here is a brief:


Hedgehogs live any where in the gardens or woods, their favorite places to dig their holes are under a big mass of broken woods or old autumn leaves, they get out only at night, they don’t get out at day light very much, the old ones of them because they are more careful and know more about the dangers out at the day, but the babies are some kind stupid that they always get out at the day light so they can be picked up by a crazy girl - like me - to take photos for them :D


They don’t bite, they are so calm and tender, they just try to run away and hid, and when they feel danger or are picked up, they “roll” themselves inside, the babies don’t prick a lot so you can hold them, but the old ones…. yes they prick soooo much :D but you can hold them too with more carefulness.


They can beget 5 or 6 babies at a time (some how like rabbits), when they are just born, they do not have any single spine, they have a very soft pink skin, they grow up to become about the size of a football.


They eat almost every thing, bugs, plants, old leaves, rice or seeds, fruits…


Some people raise them as pets at home, but ours are just living in our garden, the story is this: few years ago, my father found the first small one was crossing the road with all the cars there, so he picked him up to save him from crashing under the cars and put him in our garden, a little while after that he found another one, for our so wonderful luck, they were male and female :D and they’ve got all the little cute ones you saw in my picture.


Hope you enjoyed that, and for more detailed information, see wikipedia:


Best regards.


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Taken on August 1, 2008