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that what I was waiting for, for a long time, the new hedgehogs to come out in our garden, and I couldn't believe myself when I saw it, his cuteness could cause me a heart attack :D I took tens of photos for him in few minutes while he was trying hard to get out of my hand :D this is one of them...

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  1. Faychoco 34 months ago

    that's a hedgehog??? SO CUTE!!!

  2. inuyasha666hiei 34 months ago

    omg there so cute naw i want one XD

  3. GreenGiraffe 34 months ago

    This is probably the cutest thing I have ever seen! You are a fabulous photographer.

  4. Cats 99 34 months ago


  5. sachamika 34 months ago

    What a cute little one!

  6. killer shot 28 34 months ago

    cutest thing ever

  7. stokeyouth1 32 months ago

    Stunning shot, it just made me smile.

  8. babybluesalice 32 months ago

    oh my god! so cute!!!

  9. *Brunella* sic et simpliciter 25 months ago

    Great ... wonderful ... stunning ... cute ... so lovely!

  10. thegreatkid1 21 months ago

    AAAAHHHH!! The most viewed hedgehog photo! Really cute!!

  11. claudiadomo 7 months ago

    Hi, may I pin you photo on pinterest? ( , I am Claudia hr)

  12. BlueLunarRose 7 months ago

    Yes, no problem, but with full credit to my name and page, Thanks :)

  13. claudiadomo 7 months ago

    Thanks, but it doesn't work...
    Noun,you've got nice shots

  14. MNFISH 2 months ago

    Very good work.

  15. dekayne 9 days ago

    Maybe I have comment this before, but I can easy do it again. A super sweet photo of high class! A BIG favorite of course. / Bengt

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