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    Blogged here: Blue Lotus.

    1. pixelvale 83 months ago | reply

      What does konnyaku taste like? Or is it's presence more of a texture thing? I see it in the market but I am not sure how to prepare it, but I am very curious to try it. Nice looking dinner!

    2. Blue Lotus 83 months ago | reply

      No flavour at all, but it will soak up the flavour of the cooking liquid if simmered for a very long time. It's mostly a texture thing. It's also not very digestable and tends to pass right through you, which makes it popular for diets (no calories) or as a constipation remedy.

      I didn't make it sound very appetizing, did I...

    3. pixelvale 83 months ago | reply

      Actually I am still going to try it! I was thinking about trying Shirataki noodles to start and work my way up to the cake form. Any recommendation for a recipe or meal that would be good to try the noodles with would be greatly appreciated!

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