who is this?

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    1. Crank Junky 91 months ago | reply

      The gentlemans name is Patrick Smith. I've seen a bunch of variations of these throughout the years. I think he's been doing these on & off since the early 90's.

    2. Gone. 91 months ago | reply

      where is this?

    3. jakdenami 91 months ago | reply

      Patrick Smith.. well, it is signed P.Smith.. I took a plier and vice grip and about 15 minutes to remove this beautiful piece of art loot.. Mr. Smith did a great job cutting off the back of rhe bolts in the stop stign.. It will be installed on the wall of my outdoor roofdeck. .On a clear day above the streets of Nolita, if you look hard enough.. you will see thiis piece.. So then, your piece will be displayed permanently in a more secure environment and given plenty of mad respect.. below is a pic of it in my house until it is installed next week. ..

    4. guero: 91 months ago | reply

      douche bag.

    5. Mr. Artistico (GGtW) 91 months ago | reply

      nice photoshop job, dipshit.

    6. jakdenami 91 months ago | reply

      hmm. 1. this is not a photoshop enhanced image.. as I do have this piece of art in my possession. 2. I would gladly return it to the artist if he asked for it.. 3. If you understood the project, you would know there are 15 or 20 more of these around the city.. 4. douche bag? dipshit? you must be kidding me.. you really think this thing would last on the corner of prince and elizabeth? I am simply going to give this thng a better home. and I will display outside where other can still see it.. SO, as I see it. I am enhancng the longevity of this piece of art.. so, I say.. Weib and gods gift to yourself.. the 2 of you can go fVck yourselves with a double unprotected series of reach arounds!

    7. Mr. Artistico (GGtW) 91 months ago | reply

      Oh shit you're right!! I just saw it at a crazy party:

      You know why I dont believe you, dipshit? 1. its the same fucking angle as the original picture 2. It doesnt shade anything on the image behind it 3. You conveniently cut off the piece right where it was on the top of the original shot. Was that for continuity sake? No, bitch, its because you suck 4. You sound like a stupid asshole.

      I will commend you on the fact that you managed to hide away all of the rubber dildos in your house before taking this shot, though.
      Now, lets say you're telling the truth. This would make you even more of a degenerate fucking retard. First off, street art doesnt need to be given "a better home". If the artist wanted to coddle it he wouldnt have fucking stuck it to a pole in the middle of NY, asshole. Kindly shut your bitch mouth.

    8. banter 91 months ago | reply

      hear hear

    9. ohmiamore 91 months ago | reply

      the one near canal street & in wooster been there for weeks now... reason it was put on the streets is so people can see it, why you taking it home for???

    10. Mr. Artistico (GGtW) 91 months ago | reply

      because he like being surrounded by big poles

    11. |art|illery 91 months ago | reply

      @ jakdenami -- you shouldnt take the art down. it was put there for a reason. and the reason was not for your yuppie (judging by the look of your apt) ass to have it. let art in the street be. piece of shit yuppie toy.....

      ps - that urban art matches your espresso machine perfectly.

    12. blendfilms 91 months ago | reply

      you know, i never liked that piece because while i was drawing it, the ink spilled all over. if you look at the sixth figure up, the lines get really thick.

      btw, jakdenami, i hope to see you at the next show, buying stuff. once art is put in the street, it becomes part of the city, and theft is a part of that. my fault for not securing it solid.

      now that you own it, you may want to look at a photo of it being installed.

    13. RB'stwocents 91 months ago | reply

      a bit harsh on the man. i would take it as a compliment. and that is not a photoshop image, it's just some really cool art sitting in a really stale and yuppie kitchen.

    14. NO/FI 90 months ago | reply

      I agree with the artist but still, fuck that guy. you should know better. that party was nuts though!

    15. the doodlers 87 months ago | reply

      That might not even be this guy's kitchen. It looks like a magazine illo. (my 2 cents).

    16. semtwo 37 months ago | reply

      muito bom!!!!!

    17. stevinova 36 months ago | reply

      Very interesting comments..... I am a producing artist and have truly mixed feelings about this whole thing. But from my perspective, we should respect the desire of an artists for choosing it to put it in a very certain place! That decision itself is part of the installation.... Cheers to you all!

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