mixed media installation
(ephemera, plastic, copper pipe, copper wire, mobile telephones, voicemail)
45' x 8'

May 3 - August 8, 2008
Parthenon Gallery
Nashville, TN

Curtain up. We are players on a global stage, capable of action, empowered by brave new tools of information and connection. I can instantly and easily access the sweep of history or learn the names of mollusks or send pictures to my mother or contact my senator or donate to a worthy cause or build community with neighbors everywhere.

Curtain down. Information overwhelms me – I am drowning in paper and email and voicemail. I am seduced, paralyzed, obsessed by the web, I follow endless link trails into nowhere. ll I am entangled in connections, and burdened with my past. I am aware of more injustice and destruction and corruption and violence and horror than I can comprehend. My head spins. And though I am enraged and called to action by a thousand awful things, I do not act. It's curtains, I fear, for all of us.

Curtain is a borrowed, found, recycled, made-up fragment of a story. This is a fearful playful hopeful shared attempt at reclamation, an invitation.

Curtain up.

This installation received a 2008 "Best of Nashville" award from the Nashville Scene.
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