something blue
(cyanotypes, galvanized steel wire, transparencies, monofilament, lead)

"something blue" was the second installation in a two-part series created in 2006-2007. Part I, "something borrowed," explored couplehood and the question of state recognition/regulation of intimate relationships. Part II, "something blue," addressed legal and religious definitions of obscenity, perversity, and other proscribed manifestations of desire.

Images of women engaged in erotic play were suspended in wire cages. Separating the cages from the viewer was a transparent layer of found images interspersed with the texts of legal and religious definitions of obscenity. Behind the cages were cyanotype photograms of empty cages.

"something blue" was created for the first exhibition of the “Connect 12” group, curated by Ben Vitualla, at Dangenart Gallery in Nashville, TN.
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