something borrowed
Installation created for "Evoke/Invoke/Provoke," the Vanderbilt University Chancellor's Artists in Residence program facilitated by Judy Chicago and Donald Woodman, with art historian Vivien Green Fryd.

(cyanotype photograms, steel wire, transparencies, honey locust thorns, monofilament, lead)


I cannot not oppose laws that have been introduced and supported by people who wish to deny the legitimacy of my desiring self. I cannot not want to be afforded equal protection under the law. I cannot not be affronted by the notion that my committed relationship with my partner poses a “threat” against which “marriage” and “family” and “children” must be “defended.” And yet, neither can I wholeheartedly advocate in favor of legalizing same-sex marriage. Do I really want to make my intimate associations subject to the law? Might legalizing same-sex marriage offer privilege and recognition to gays and lesbians who choose to mirror heterosexual domestic arrangements while further marginalizing queer people who do not or cannot marry?

Being part of a couple can be deeply joyful and sustaining. It can also be profoundly destructive and constraining. Legal definitions and public institutions have real effects on these tender, private, living mutual entanglements and, increasingly, conservative interests in the U.S. seek to extend the power of government to regulate and control the intimate lives of all of us, queer and straight alike. Something Borrowed is an exploration of the thorny controversy over marriage and of the complexities of couplehood.
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