Edo Era Daughter of a Townhouse 1920s

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    Naomi no Kimono Asobi has valiantly translated the caption to find that it translates as follows:

    "Edo Age - Kyoto woman dressed in fine clothes, younger daughter of townhouse."

    So, this is in fact a re-enactment of earlier dress of the merchant classes, probably for the Jidai Matsuri (Festival of the Ages).

    "The Machiya of Kyoto are traditional Townhouses dating from the Edo period (1603–1867). Born out of the city’s growing merchant class, they functioned as both residences and workspaces. Deep and narrow, with a shop in the front and a variety of living spaces in the rear, they once lined Kyoto’s streets."

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    1. Vatemia 36 months ago | reply

      This is quite an unusual thing that she is wearing the kanzashi that were typical for tayuu.
      This is the first time I see such a combination.

    2. Kimino Chiyo 36 months ago | reply

      I agree with Vatemia,it is also the first time that I see it. She looks very unusual.

    3. Blue Ruin1 36 months ago | reply

      Yes, I wondered about her kanzashi too. However, the minarai in this photo appears to be wearing similar kanzashi:

    4. Naomi no Kimono Asobi 35 months ago | reply

      I was in a discussion with some other girls about this - as curiosity got the better of me. The postcard reminded me of others I've seen in a very similar style, but with different historical ensembles - and I wondered if it's a part of the Jidai Matsuri

      I spent a good part of the morning breaking my brain translating a part of the postcard:

      Edo Jidai
      Kyoto onna no haregi sugata
      Machiya no imōto musume

      Which translates roughly to:
      Edo Age
      Kyoto woman dressed in fine clothes
      Younger daughter of townhouse

      Then doing a Google search, I found this modern image scanned from a book about Jidai Matsuri:

      If you look carefully - it's the same kamon. However, while the ensembles are very similar - I think this one might be the "older daughter" of the townhouse, as she has an older hairstyle (your postcard - it looks like it might be a version of wareshinobu) and the obi looks to be tied in a more mature musubi....but she's obviously not the mother, as she's still wearing furisode.

      So, in conclusion, I think it's a maiko dressed in the style of late Edo era clothing for Jidai Matsuri. :)

    5. Naomi no Kimono Asobi 35 months ago | reply

      A bit more searching around:


      Call me crazy - but I think the ensemble in your postcard is the exact same kimono/obi in the link. The photos are small - but I can tell that the obi itself is the same - and the descriptions mention noshi, which are on your postcard. I zoomed in on the modern photograph - and the pattern on the front appears to be the same. The modern photos could either be the exact same pieces, or, identical remakes. And because your card is hand coloured - it's highly possible the original colour is that reddish purple.

    6. Blue Ruin1 35 months ago | reply

      Thanks so much Naomi - all your information is wonderful! I will change the caption immediately.

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