My Album Cover Lifestyle
Did you ever want to life inside an lp cover well look no further. Some assembly may be required.:

Rules for Ikea lps:
no posed band shots
no holding instruments (it's their day off remember)
no surrealism
best if the lp's any good
you can break the rules if you feel like it.

Apologise to Scandinavian friends for random us of your alphabet this is more about being liberated from our boring 26 letter UK one. Also some of the translations are a rough and ready.

Update 13th AUG: I am most humbled by the number of people who viewed this set. I've seen some comments elsewhere about the fonts I've used.
I know the Main title on Tapestry isn't quite right, my only defence is that it was my first go! I would have spent a bit longer on it if I thought you all would be along to see it!
As to the main text font several people who are keen on this sort of thing keep pointing out that IKEA use a futura or similar well the answer is they did! They recently changed to verdana this has been the subject of some discussion of this. If this is no longer the case please accept my apologises.

Update 6th Oct:
here's my blog of all things IKEA and LP sleeves.
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