STEM Adventure Camps '17
Emily Haskell saw a clear picture of her future as a teacher develop. Nikita Loreman did as well. In fact, they discovered it together, sharing a classroom as part of Bloomsburg University’s Great STEM Adventure Camps that hosted more than 550 students from area schools. Soon the two education majors will have a classroom of their own.

“My favorite part was seeing how the students take the task and make it their own in ways that I did not anticipate,” said Haskell, who is pursuing a master’s in mid-level education, adding her favorite activity was the Game Design Challenge. “I honestly did not know what the students would do with the random materials they were given. They devised some really clever games together I never would have dreamed up myself.”

Throughout the course of the week the students — split into two different age groups — explored ways to grow their science, technical, engineering and math interests and abilities. The camps, which were coordinated by BU’s STEM Education Center, also investigated the arts.

“At this time of year in a traditional classroom setting, students are usually at the verge of checking out of what they are learning in a classroom,” said Loreman, a senior early childhood education major. “They have just spent a lot of time and energy completing their 180 days of school. They are mentally exhausted. When you get these students out of their classroom and onto a college campus, they want to be involved, they want to participate, and they want to learn."
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