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A Heart for Sandy Hook. | by RichTatum
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A Heart for Sandy Hook.

My heart broke with the rest of the nation and the world when I heard of the massacre of little children and the adults who died protecting them at Sandy Hook elementary.


Before I became a parent 11 years ago, I would have naturally grieved upon hearing of an event like this. But now that I have held three little babies in my arms and am watching them grow up my reaction is far more visceral. It's deeper, more profound than before. More… tearful.


I am not bragging, as though I'm now some paragon of sympathy, passion, and compassion—I'm simply writing this because I cannot bring myself to imagine how utterly devastating and shattering this must be for the families of the victims, the families of the survivors, and the entire community around that school. My imagination fails me. My heart fails me.


When I hear news about the abuse of children, I cannot take it in. It hurts too much. My mind skitters away from contemplating a defenseless child being harmed by someone with evil intent. I cannot go there. But I could not escape this news—it came from too many directions, and the emotional impact was too great.


Dear God—27 dead…


Even now I cannot process this. And as I dictate this, there are tears in my eyes. My heart weeps for the ravaged families—I wish I could take away your pain and restore your babies to your arms—but I cannot. I cannot even offer comforting words—there is no comfort great enough to fill the void left by a smiling, trusting child departed. I can only pray that God gives you the strength, courage, and grace to endure one more minute, just another hour, another day—in the hope that tomorrow you can be strong enough to love without regret, that someday you might smile with genuine warmth and laugh with true joy without the shadow of loss invading every moment. My hope is that you will find peace in the knowledge that your loved ones will know pain no more. That is small comfort—insultingly small—and I sorely wish there was more to offer.


This photo is merely a small token of what I feel when I think on this tragedy.


May we never forget.

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Uploaded on December 19, 2012