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Waffle House: My Beacon in the Night | by RichTatum
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Waffle House: My Beacon in the Night

I needed to get some reading done and since the church I interviewed at in Madison Tennessee doesn't hold Sunday night services (they hold them on Saturday night: nice!) I had some time to kill. So, after a good nap, I got up and walked across the street to one of my favorite study haunts: Waffle House.


It's been probably 8 years since I got to sit at a Waffle House and read, mark up books, and drink coffee to my heart's content. The great thing about studying at a breakfast dive like this is that you can really focus, yet at the same time you get convenient breaks in your attention if you need it.


Plus, the customers are always entertaining. As are the wait-staff.


A scary-looking fellow with low-slung pants and a bandanna made a book recommendation to me. "Dutch," which is apparently set in the prohibition era. (Maybe he was talking about, Kill the Dutchman!: The Story of Dutch Schultz?)


Huh. Gangstas read. Who knew?


I am a victim of stereotypes, apparently. Another good reason to hang out at the local Waffle House.


When I post-processed this image I knew I wanted to do a cutout of the yelow Waffle House sign, but I wasn't sure if I wanted to cutout the yellowed window as well. In the end, you can see I decided to go for it I also cut out the reflection of te window in the watery surface I'm shooting over as well.


I decided that, really, the most inviting part of the WH ambience is what's inside. The sign promises, the dive delivers. One is not complete without the other.


In the end, I think it helps keep the eye going around and around, even though the elments are not exactly on the rule-of-thirds composition lines. Works for me. Hope it works for you.


Oh, I use a wee bit of transparency on the black and white layer to let just a smidgen of color from the environs through. That's why the car is slighly pinkish. It's actually a red car. Helps draw the eye into a more triangular motion without emphasizing the car too much, I hope.


In the end, I'm not sure whether this photo is foreboding or inviting. To me, it's inviting. Depending on your relationship with cholesterol, it might be menacing.


:: grin ::




Update: See my "watercolored" version of this photo here.



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Taken on September 9, 2007