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Don't just sit there, shoot something! (Explore) | by RichTatum
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Don't just sit there, shoot something! (Explore)

Big storm came through Thursday. So, naturally, I wanted to document the incoming storm clouds. I returned to the park bench which featured in a few of my other photos. I like this bench. It's sturdy, comfortable, and well-placed. Conveniently positioned for colorful sunsets over a grassy park, it's also handy for pre-jog stretches (not that I ever indulged in the jogging, but I have been known to lean here for a hamstring stretch now and then), and it's about the only seat around for a hundred yards. It sees a lot of action. When designing the park, somebody's boss must have said, "This is only one bench left — place it well."


The bench is also about 40 feet from my front door. So, I wasn't worried too much about the developing storm: if I needed to bolt back to the house, I could. I felt pretty comfortable just hanging around the bench, using it to compose some shots. Taking my time.


That's what you do around benches. You take your time. Nobody's in a hurry when they're sitting on a bench. They're not wasting time, they're passing it.


Yet while strolling back to my abode, attempting to maintain my park-bench-casualness, my wife said, "Hurry up, you're the tallest thing in the park!"


Okay, so lightning. It's not respecter of park benches.


At least, if I'd been struck, I wouldn't have to worry about not having a decent flash when I needed one.


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