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Great Googly Moogly! Thumb's Up! | by RichTatum
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Great Googly Moogly! Thumb's Up!

If you've landed here it's because I've given you one of my personal "Thumb's Up!" awards. It means nothing, really. And I'm less than a virtual nobody, and this isn't an invitation to join a group or add your photo to some off-beat pool of hype-seekers. I just wanted to be able to give something more than a textual "attaboy" when commenting on stuff that I really liked. And I liked your pic!


If you're happy to have gotten a thumb's up from me, congratulations! If you couldn't care less, congratulations anyhow!


I've found Flickr to be an interesting and enthusiastic community. After years of showing folks my photos and getting annoyed "Umm.… okay.?" responses or the dreaded "Wow, nice camera!" critique, it's refreshing to show off my stuff where people who actually enjoy images can find what they love and leave feedback. Sure most of it's still in the form of "Neat colors!" but at least people with similar artistic talent can find each other through comments, inspire each other, and generate yet more enthusiasm.


In fact, if you like my stuff, check out the people who've faved my pictures: there are some incredible talents out there. And compared to the stuff that regularly shows up in the new photo pool, they're far, far above average.


If you like, browse my stuff and leave your own comments. And, please, do feel free to criticize. I don't mind at all. I might go off and cry in a corner for a while, but in the end, I'll be better for it.


Viva la Flickr!




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[I made this little doodle using Zefrank's online scribbler application (]

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Uploaded on August 5, 2007